Be Weird, Be you

Genderless is a French ready-to-wear brand founded by a small group crazy in love with vintage clothes. Each of us is a fashion enthusiast and outsider.

Our common passion for travel and vintage treasures got us together. Genderless has traveled the world and especially explored Paris to find bold and rare second hand and vintage garments.

Genderless promotes a unisex vision thanks to retro and bold design. Each piece is created for everyday wear.

Genderless is a brand against waste and for the
right to be different.

  • Our main fight, reducing waste in an industry known to be the second source of pollution in the world.
  • We are an unisex brand. The couple, whatever its orientation, is our inspiration. That’s why we focus on shirts. Because when it comes to female and male wardrobe, fancy shirts can always be found.
  • We are a brand made for fashion and vintage lovers.

Whoever you are, Genderless will help you express it. Because here, we love weird and unique people.